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  • See first-hand in real time how to dispute for RESULTS
  • How to use the EvolutionLine Method and Formula on ANY mix of accounts
  • and how to use it on your own letters to instantly increase your chances of beating the system
Why Bother Doing it Live? 
It's much easier for me to create a recorded video series to break it all down and explain what to do and what to look for and why you're looking for it BUT that's not going to prove to you that - from start to finish - there's an easy way to use the same formula to get results over and over and over again. I'm going to introduce and explain the EvolutionLine Method and it's formula that (like I said above) can be used on any credit report for any mix of account types to instantly increase your chances of beating the system, slaying the bureau rejections and raising your score. 
What You'll Learn That Can be Applied to Your Letters Immediately
  • What the heck the EvolutionLine Method is and why you should care
  • How to avoid the major mistakes consumers make when creating dispute letters - even when using factual disputes
  • How to apply the formula to everything from a bankruptcy to a collection
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